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Wholesale Organic Wax Lavender Candle - A burn time of roughly 40-50 hours.

Information: Contains 100% clean burning organic plant wax, and is scented with 5-7% pure essential oils (the variation depends on the candle). These are naturally scented candles, handmade from a sustainable plant source and the glass used is recycled. Contains no petroleum or animal wax content. 

Dimensions: Roughly 6.6cm in diameter (at widest part not including the glass holder), and approximately between 6.1 - 6.5cm height. Including the glass holder, total height is roughly 8.3cm. 

Environmental Information
These candles are made from an organic plant wax (soya & palm wax), the wicks are made from cotton and are suitable for use for vegetarians. All waxes and oils are traceable from plantation to factory, the crops are not from deforested areas and the supplier of the materials is a member of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. These do not contain paraffin or petroleum products.

A Note on Wax Adhesion & Storage Temperatures
Please note, that due to changing temperatures, the wax used in these candles can on occasion pull away from the outer glass container. This is a natural effect, and can be found more frequently in natural waxes such as vegetable, soy and plant wax. (This is in comparison to paraffin wax, which being a complex hydrocarbon, with more cross link is generally more dimensionally stable, and less prone to pull away).

Wax may pull away from glass a fraction, as the plant wax reacts to heat and humidity, this is due to glass and wax being made from completely different materials, and as such they react to heat variation at completely different rates. During production, many steps are taken to reduce this effect, such as heating the glass prior to filling, the candles are then stored in our warehouse before dispatch. However heat temperatures can vary, especially after dispatch once this then out of our control.

Our own brand candles are included with a display box that includes the name of the fragrance on the outside, we recommend selling and displaying these candles included in their box if you have any concerns of wax adhesion. 

Naturlig Duftlys | Lavender

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