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Breathwork | The Art of Forgiveness | Michelle Baker




Lørdag 26.oktober 11:00-13:00

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Breathwork | The Art of Forgiveness

Breathwork med Michelle Baker

Lørdag 26.oktober 11:00-13:00

Whether it’s forgiveness towards yourself or towards another, forgiveness is never about excusing your or another’s behaviour, it’s about creating a little more space around the grip of a heart that’s been cracked, mistreated, or perhaps broken.

It’s a releasing of pain that in-turn offers you permission to soften back into the wholeness of you so that you can reside in a body that feels less jagged, less burdened, and less occupied with resentment.

At the end of the day, forgiveness is a personal choice, one that only you can make when you are ready to do so.

We’ll begin class in circle with an introduction to the breath and a communal conversation around the theme before diving into the main ingredient, the breath. We’ll close our time together in conversation or, if more desired, quietly together.


This particular style of Breathwork is an active meditation technique that allows you to navigate and tend to your inner terrain by connecting with your breath to calm and ground your nervous system while relieving your mind and body of stuck, stagnant energy — in turn, creating a pathway for both an emotional and somatic release and the creation of new neural pathways.

Through liberating tension, stress and even limiting thought patterns, you’re better able to connect with the innate wisdom within, which can be a strong catalyst for opening your heart to honest self-love, self-healing, and self-acceptance.

Although it’s considered an activating breathwork practice, it has a feminine touch.


Begins to clear out stuck energy

Strengthens intuition

Calms and grounds the nervous system

Inspires creativity

Invites balance to the energetic body and immune system

Promotes deep relaxation, bliss, and natural sleep patterns

Helps in relieving anxiety, grief, and stress

Invites healing for trauma

Supports addiction recovery


This is an activating breathwork technique where you will be breathing in and out of your mouth for 30-40 minutes.

Please refrain from any mind-altering substances including within at least 24 hours of your appointment or workshop. Clients will be turned away from a session or workshop if under the influence of a substance, including alcohol, and no refund will be given.

Sted: YogaKi Oslo, Kongsveien 91

Tidspunkt: 16:30-18:30

Pris: 490,-

Du får låne alt av utstyr til praksisen, men vi anbefaler at du tar med en egen øyepute, om du har.

Ved påmelding aksepterer du våre Påmeldings- og Refusjonsvilkår og vår Egenerklæring som oppført under.

Vi oppfordrer deg også å sette deg inn i våre Trivsels & Helseregler

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker is a renowned space holder, practitioner, teacher and mentor known for her grounding presence, soothing voice and steady counsel. Her work is centered around guiding people back home to the innate wisdom of their bodies through a weaving of the breath, somatic practices, yoga, meditation and body focussed inquiry & coaching. Her love for poetry, curiosity and writing is woven into all that she offers.
Her work includes being a Holistic Mentor, Yoga Teacher, Ceremony Curator, Writer, Breathworker, and Reiki Master.
Michelle grew up in upstate New York and began her work in holistic wellness in 2013 as a life coach and private chef while living in Brooklyn. She currently lives on the Swedish west coast with her partner and her dog, Bodhi.
She has been working with clients individually since 2013 and leading groups in person and online since 2014.
Michelle is a transformational mentor specializing in empowerment and self-worth; working with hundreds of women and men supporting them on their path of inner growth. Her work has taken her around the globe and most recently introduced her to collaborating with some wise, spirit seeking women creating and leading international retreats, and trainings.
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