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Yoga + Sauna | Move & Sweat | SALT, Oslo




Torsdager i sommer 09.30-11.30

Flower Shadow

Welcome to an experience where we combine movement through a rejuvenating yogaflow with the warm indulgence of the sauna, different scents to enhance your mood and cold water plunges.

This is a cooperation between SALT and YogaKi, a truly unique experience that will give you an opportunity to connect to your body, your breath and do a mind, body, spirit deep cleanse.

The yoga session takes place outside, overlooking the fjord, next to the sauna barrels.

Are you ready?

This is what you can expect:

09:30 Pre-Yoga sauna: A short session in the sauna to soften and warm up your body

09:45 Yoga: A rejuvenating yogaflow to emphasize circulation in the body, opening the joints, getting your energy flowing and connecting to your breath, led by an instructor from YogaKi.

10:45 A post-yoga sauna experience where you choose between different essential oils to enhance whatever vibe you want to enhance.

11:30 Times up, but feel free to enjoy a meal and refreshing drinks in our outdoor seating area that offers a variety of different food.

What do you need?

* Bring your own yoga mat and whatever equipment you prefer to use for your yoga practice

* Bring a towel or rent one for 50 kr

* Swimwear is mandatory in the sauna, for the yoga bring whatever you prefer to wear

* Bring a lock, if you want to use one of our lockers, or buy one at SALT

In case of rain, the yoga sessions will take place inside.

Read more about our saunas at


YogaKi & SALT

YogaKi & SALT

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