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Breathwork | Feeling & Healing




Fredag 10.november 16:30 - 18:30

Flower Shadow


FEELING + HEALING with Michelle Baker

There are some things in life, many things rather, that you can’t think you’re way through, you need to feel your way through. This gathering is a welcomed opportunity to tap into the innate healing capacity of the breath to help you move and feel through whatever might need moving and feeling through.

We’ll begin class in circle with an introduction to the breath and a communal conversation around the theme of ‘Feeling & Healing” before diving into the main ingredient, the breath. We’ll close our time together in circle with tea, chocolate and conversation.

Warm welcome.

- Michelle -

Sted: YogaKi Oslo, Kongsveien 91

Tidspunkt: 16:30-18:30

Pris: 490,-

Du får låne alt av utstyr til praksisen, men vi anbefaler at du tar med en egen øyepute, om du har.

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker is a renowned space holder, practitioner, teacher and mentor known for her grounding presence, soothing voice and steady counsel. Her work is centered around guiding people back home to the innate wisdom of their bodies through a weaving of the breath, somatic practices, yoga, meditation and body focussed inquiry & coaching. Her love for poetry, curiosity and writing is woven into all that she offers.

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